Common Consulting Projects

Not sure what you need to maximize the success of your business? Talk with a Calvery Medical Consulting expert. We’ve help hundreds of physicians with

    •    Personalized practice improvement plans
    •    Referral development, tracking and trending
    •    Employment offer evaluation
    •    Medical practice billing and coding evaluation
    •    Fee schedule consulting and analysis
    •    Guidance for new practice start-up


Personalized Practice Improvement Plan
If your pain practice is having problems increasing production revenue and income, decreasing overhead expenses, reducing practice liabilities, and evaluating overall performance, Calvery Medical Consulting offers a Personalized Practice Improvement Plan, which will show you in detail

    •    How your productivity, income and expense statistics compare to that of your peers
    •    The best way to position yourself to be more successful in or out of managed care
    •    Your overhead and how it compares to other practices’ overhead
    •    Where to invest, where to cut and how to budget (cost control is a key to managed care success)
    •    How to optimize systems (scheduling, staffing, recall, filing, forms, patient flow, etc.) for improved efficiency and profit

Referral Development, Tracking and Trending
Pain practices must work to obtain, maintain, and monitor referrals on a monthly basis in order to become or remain a successful practice. Calvery Medical Services will analyze your current referral patterns, current outreach efforts and referral trends by month and quarter before developing outreach marketing strategies to target selected practices and specialties in which to obtain new referrals.

Employment Offer Evaluation
Calvery Medical Consulting’s legal and practice management consultants can review an employment offer for appropriateness of compensation and terms. Additionally, we can evaluate the potential employer’s practice and render an opinion of his or her success and ability to support a new associate.

Medical Practice Billing and Coding Evaluation
CMC can provide an in-depth analysis of a medical practice’s billing, coding, documentation, collection and accounts receivable procedures. This analysis will address any deficit or weakness within the billing arena that may expose the practice to problems with government and other private payers. It will also address coding accuracy and can help determine under-coding as well as overcoding, which results in enhanced reimbursements to the practice and new efficiencies from procedure modification. A major component of the billing review is an assessment of the work flow of the billing staff and the positions, job tasks and functions of the billing staff.

Fee Schedule Consulting and Analysis
Is your practice charging enough? Are you overcharging? Are payers not paying you according to your contracts? If you answered yes to any of the above, we can assist you with a fee schedule analysis to determine how your fees compare to market rates and if you are being paid according to your managed care contracts.

Guidance for New Practice Start-Up
Starting a practice isn’t rocket science; yet so often physicians think they can save a few dollars with a do-it-yourself, start-up approach to their medical practice. What they don’t understand at the time is that saving a few dollars on the initial costs will more than likely cost them tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Calvery Medical Consulting’s experts have assisted pain fellows across the country, helping them with the decision and the action items to start their medical practice. The “trick” is to understand and oversee the numerous detailed tasks that are necessary for the successful start-up of a medical practice.

If you are just starting out, we can work with you to establish, build and sustain a very successful pain management practice.