Practice Consulting

Calvery Medical Consulting will work closely with you to identify and implement improvements to enhance business performance and achieve measurable results. We focus on four key areas to enhance your practice’s success and increase employee and patient satisfaction:

•    Practice management
•    Marketing and practice development
•    Patient-centric practice development
•    Human resource management and legal review


Practice Management

For decades, Calvery Medical Consulting’s practice consultants have been supporting pain practices of all levels—from practices just starting out to practices that have been caring for pain patients for decades. Services include

    •    Data tracking and utilization
    •    Cost analysis
    •    Physician production enhancements
    •    Operational analysis
    •    Practice expansion
    •    Analysis of the practice’s functional departments
    •    Optimization of revenue cycle management
    •    Vendor and payer negotiations and contracting
    •    Strategic planning
    •    Evaluation and enhancement of internal and external audit systems
    •    Benchmarking practice to national statistics


Marketing and Practice Development
Whether you are a new practice or an existing practice needing a revenue boost, marketing is a crucial function. Calvery Medical Consulting can assist physicians in reaching their financial goals through a customized marketing effort and appropriate outreach plan. We offer assistance with

    •    Branding (internal and external)
    •    Referral network development
    •    Outreach materials
    •    Referral tracking and trending
    •    Educational events support
    •    Public relation
    •    Social media
    •    SEO
    •    Strategic Planning and marketing plan development
    •    Identifying target markets
    •    Developing a practice mission statement
    •    Forecasting patient volumes required for targeted profitability

Patient-Centric Practice Development
Calvery Medical Consulting offers focused programs to enable pain practices to maximize efforts to deliver quality, patient-centric care:

    •    Staff training
    •    Patient retention
    •    Treatment acceptance
    •    Patient appreciation
    •    Managing difficult patients
    •    Patient education materials
    •    Patient education programs
    •    Patient ambassador programs


Human Resource Management and Legal Review
Calvery Medical Consulting understands how valuable a physician’s time is during business hours. We offer these human resource management and legal services to free up precious time so physicians can focus on practicing medicine:

    •    Maintaining awareness of and compliance with local, state and federal labor laws
    •    Recruitment, selection, and on boarding
    •    Staff Performance Bonus Plans
    •    Employee record-keeping and confidentiality
    •    Organizational design and development
    •    Budgeting
    •    Performance, conduct and behavior management
    •    Employee relations
    •    Training and development
    •    Employee motivation and morale-building
    •    Policies and procedures development