Experienced Pain Practice Consultant

Craig Calvery

Craig Calvery is the Managing Principal at Calvery Medical Consulting and has worked in the business development arena of healthcare for over 20 years and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Louisiana Tech University. He started his career with a large, non-profit healthcare system to oversee the marketing efforts for a new short-stay hospital. Since short-stay facilities were a new concept, Craig had many responsibilities during his early years at the hospital. One of the roles he enjoyed most was working with physicians who were recruited to join the medical staff and needed extensive support with practice start-up, branding and marketing outreach for their new practices. This role afforded him access to and knowledge of all specialties within medicine.

During Craig’s eight years at St. Jude Medical, Neuromodulation Division he build and expanded the Professional Services Program. This program worked with hundreds of pain practices across the country to provide tools and guidance in the areas of business development, operational efficiencies, branding and marketing support. Craig customized his approach for every practice and trained physicians and staff members how they can market and brand the practice within their marketplace by showing them selected “proven solutions” for practice growth. He encourages practices to make decisions based on tangible reports and holds discussions with the practice leadership to ensure that all efforts support the practice’s strategic plan. Throughout these efforts at St. Jude, Craig has developed a strong network of quality practice management consultants that he utilizes on many projects today.